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Helping users lower their costs and improve efficiency by providing Digital Oscilloscopes, CCD Cameras, LCR Meters, Thermometers, Power Measuring Instruments, Micro OHM Meters, etc...

An Overview

Since we cannot see electricity, some mechanism is needed to track its movement. Electric current produces several observable effects, including heat, force, and magnetism. We can use these effects to measure electricity. Measurement and testing of the electric current is particularly critical to the relative productivity performance; the price charged, the level of service quality provided and operating environment factors.

APURV ENTERPRISES, since 1998 has been catering to this need with its range of versatile and widely-used electronic measurement and testing instruments. We are a leading Importer, Trader and Supplier of Digital Oscilloscopes, Power Measuring Instruments, Digital Multimeter,  CCD Cameras, LCR Meters, Thermometers, Micro Ohm Meters, etc. Our company is an Authorized Dealer of Yokogawa (Japan), Good Will Instruments (Taiwan), Goot (Japan), Online Solutions (Singapore), Motwane (Nasik), Metravi, Lensel Optics (Pune) and Scientific-Hameg (Germany) & Others.

We function towards achieving acutely enunciated and focused aspirations and strategies. Our professionals accept personal responsibility to cater to the customer's needs of electronic measurement and testing instruments. Thus, we aid our clients to improve their systems and thereby help them to better their effectiveness. Over the years we have developed superior understanding of our consumers, of their industry and the related needs.

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